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A & G 1630
A P John & 1225
AB 1320 1004 1009Ailytic is a software company delivering innovative decision support sensors and software to the manufacturing industry. We enable decisions that generate significant returns by utilising artificial intelligence enabled systems to create insights and production schedules in a full web based application.

Lightweight, easily deployed, cloud based with significant end user focus, our capability reduces time to value by turning planners and schedulers into analysts with easy what-if comparative modelling of complex operational environments.
Aquila Audax 1125
Australian Society of Viticulture & Oenology (ASVO) 1213
Australian Tartaric 1234
BA 1525
BFL (Barrel Finance & Logistics) 1634
Chene 1418Chêne Australasia is a member of the Chêne & Cie Group, France. We supply the Australian & New Zealand Wine and Spirits Industry with the finest Oak Barrels from Taransaud France, Kádár Hungary, Canton USA and Oak Alternatives from XtraChene.
Chêne Australasia is proud to represent these premium quality Oak brands and we invite you to contact us to discuss your requirements on +61 (0) 3 9602 4066 or
Classic Oak 1602
Cold 1432
Cooperages 1430
Costa 1413 1528
Cutler 1237
Della Toffola Pacific (DT Pacific) 1401
Dominant (Australia) 1220
E.E. Muir & 1312 1131
Enoveneta 1001Enoveneta first begins in the 1960s as a small craftsmen’s company founded by Nedo Fiorin, a skilful and intuitive family man and hard worker with a background in oenological machines. With 50 years of intense research, development and production of machines and technological solutions for wine-making, the company has gained great entrepreneurial strength and has had a dynamic generational change that turned it into a leading international company. Now, the Fiorin Family, made up of Cristina, Daniela, Paolo and Renato, is professionally committed to the company in accordance with each family member’s specific skills and backgrounds; all of them manage a constantly evolving company that employs more than 80 specialized employees and invests continually in quality and innovation.
Flowcrete 1018
FMR 1201, 1301
Foss 1115
Global 1444
GreenTech 909
Hewy's Filtratrion 1533 1613 1333
Kemp Deck 1149
Metrohm 1531Metrohm Australia has been supplying and supporting instrumentation for chemical analysis since 1999. We serve the wine and beverage industry with equipment from renown manufacturers.

Metrohm: Titration equipment for TA and pH analysis, Ion Chromatography, pH and Conductivity meters

BioSystems: Photometric instruments and a complete line of reagents for
wine laboratories

Retsch: Sample preparation equipment
Nadalie 1343
New Zealand Tube 1645
Oak Solutions 1221
O-I 1354
Omnia 1143
Patrick Iland Wine V3
Pellenc 1019
Perten 1015
Q&L Packaging 1330 1249 1318 1012, 1017
Rivulis 1316
Rowe 1514
Ryset 1319
San Miguel Yamamura Australasia 1101 1236
Saverglass 1335
Seasol 1232
Seguin 1013
Silvan 1000Silvan was founded in 1962 and is devoted to those connected to the
land. A pioneer in the development and manufacture of agricultural
machinery to meet the specific needs of Australasia's producers, Silvan
combines innovative products with a comprehensive understanding of
today's agribusiness.
Leaders in the design of high & low volume horticultural sprayers, Silvan have evolved into the largest Australasian manufacturer of world-class crop protection sprayers and related machinery.
Silvan Australia's farm machinery range comprises a broad selection from the
world's most prominent manufacturers including; Nobili mulchers, Breviglieri tillage equipment and DCM fertilier spreaders. Silvan also manufactures quality
agricultural implements including rotary slashers, carryalls & post hole diggers.
Sphere 1006Sphere Foods is a supplier of natural colours and grape seed extract to the food and beverage industries. With the support of a strong supply chain beginning in vineyards and fields combined with state-of-the-art technologies for processing and packaging, we can offer unique product solutions. What differentiates us from other colour companies are our unique crystal colours. Using our proprietary technology, we can create unique colours with a five-year shelf life - all without the use of carriers or need for refrigeration. The ease of handling, solubility, colour strength, and stability make our crystals the ideal colouring method.
Steamtech 1425
Tarac 1230
The Australian Wine Research 1113
Toyota Material 1313
TracMap 1233The TracMap system is an in-cab GPS display unit and a cloud-based job management system called TracMap Online. The combined tracking, job tasking and reporting capabilities make it easy to increase operational efficiency, reduce the risk of errors and keep staff safe.

Monitor the movement of staff and machinery across vineyard sites, analyze spraying accuracy and harvesting activity and use the data collected to determine where operational improvements can be made.

TracMap provides easy vineyard management, ensuring the right vehicle is in the right row, doing the right job and the data to prove it. 1155Uniquepak is an importer of glass and related packaging products into the wine and spirit markets of Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA. Being flexible and allowing small production quantities to be produced, Uniquepak allows personalised and tailored products to be supplied to its numerous international markets. Uniquepak staff have over 50 years’ experience in glass packaging markets. Our China based Quality and Procurement staff ensure the best of quality comes from our numerous manufacturing partners based throughout the Asia region. Our in-house design capability ensures we transform your packaging idea or concept into reality.
V.A. Filtration (SA) 1107 1424Vintrace is sophisticated yet surprising intuitive business software designed specifically for wine makers.

Vintrace’s innovative cloud based technology allows you to access your data anywhere from any device. With vintrace, you are equipped to harvest the power of your information to make better decisions wherever you are.
Wine 1133
Wine Travel V2 1314
Winequip 1648