Monday, 22nd July 2019

Jamie Gilchrist




Utilising mobile technology in the winery

Capture real time data
- Stop being chained to your desk
- Stay on top of data entry, no late nights catching up
- Access crucial information to make decisions while on the move
- Stay compliant
- Powerful bar coding for instant Access to crucial data and job completion

Richard Machiessi

General Manager



Insights and Innovation

There are a number of challenges facing brand owners today when dealing with the evolving demands of new supply chains. Visy is uniquely positioned to understand these demands from the creation of new pack formats, filling and packing, merchandising, shipping and finally the recycling of your product. Richard Macchiesi will explore some of these trends and challenges to provide insights on ways to simplify the process of launching products and understanding the impact of sustainability as a trend on your business.

Anthony Heinrich

Global Wine Marketing Director

AB Biotek


Novel non‐conventional wine yeasts from AWRI and their impact on sensory characteristics

The wine microbiome is diverse and only recently are scientists understanding its potential for new and novel yeast, bacteria and other organisms that can add value to wine. Dr Cristian Varela was the principal scientist in leading the project at The AWRI to isolate non-Saccharomyces yeast strains with the potential to produce lower alcohol yields compared to existing commercial yeast strains. In collaboration with AWRI, AB Biotek has now manufactured these strains as active dry yeast and performed two years of vintage trials with surprising results to be shared in this presentation.


Jet Technologies


Session details coming soon....

James Balzary




AI Optimisation in Winery and Packaging Operations

The nature of the upstream wine supply chain from intake to distribution has not traditionally leant itself to an integrated planning philosophy. Barriers still exist due to organisational and operational differences. Winemaking and Packaging operations are struggling to understand each other in an integrated way and decisions are often made in silo’s. In this talk we will analyse some critical reasons why this is the case and explore the drivers of operational efficiency for improved decision making when allocating personnel, equipment and materials in winery and packaging operations. A driving force for change is the use of smart IIoT and AI technologies to assist in increasing profitability.

Dan Wilmott

Regional Sales Director,AU and NZ



End-to-end product solution

Thinfilm’s end-to-end product solution brings digital life to the physical world and makes smart products ubiquitous. We enable Intelligence Everywhere® through near field communications technology. Our tags, coupled with an innovative cloud-based platform, link brands to their consumers - enhancing engagement, improving brand protection, and providing data insights. Our service offering includes tools that allow companies to create unique micro-moments that will motivate them to come back again and again. In addition, a range of data insights allow brands to learn more about their often-complex supply chains. Our anti-counterfeiting tags help solve the problem of diversion and refill fraud, as well as lost revenue through the sale of fake products.

Tuesday, 23rd July 2019

David Zerbo


Phillip Kittle

Sales Manager

Massimo Pivetta

Sales Manager TMCI Padovan



Developments and Applications in the Pump Sector
Streamline Your Vintage Using Continuous Systems
Highlighting Emerging Technologies

Outlining new designs and bespoke wine industry solutions. Using highly automated systems to go from grape intake to inoculation in less than 6 hours. A presentation of improvements based on existing methods as well as completely new technologies.


Jet Technologies


Session details coming soon....

Sonia Viladevall

BioSystems Business Unit Manager



Application and uses of photometric tests during the wine process

When it comes to quality control in the cellar, opinions about value vary widely. Some wineries are equipped with the latest and greatest tech¬nology and measure well beyond the basics. Others measure Brix and pH and rely on their palates and past experience for the rest. However, when looking to improve quality, repeatability and control of a product, quality-control measurement is the key. Photometric test help us with the entire process, from grape to finish wine.

Radek Petlak

Wine Energy


A supplier of innovative equipment

Wine energy is a supplier of innovative equipment for the Australian Wine Industry
Please join us to find out about our newest offerings
Find out about our mobile Nitrogen generator that can replace your gas bottles
Find out about easy CO2 & Dissolved Oxygen gas management
Find out about fully integrated fermentation management (controlled via a computer in the office)
Find out about non-blocking, hygienic sample taps
Find out about the latest grape sorting technology
We look forward to sharing with you and answering your questions

Bayard Sinnema

ANZ Regional Business Development Manager

O-I Australia


Innovation by O-I Glass Australia – O-I : EXPRESSIONS

Unleashing glass packaging customization & late-stage differentiation:
• Changing consumer trends are forcing brands to be more agile and offer personalized packaging experiences
• As a result, packaging suppliers need to adopt their processes to offer highly differentiated packaging and personalization at low volumes and with shorter lead times
• Enabled by digital printing, O-I : EXPRESSIONS enables brands to create highly personalised and customised glass packaging at flexible volume, industrial speeds, and with an unprecedented range of colour and design possibilities…turning glass bottles into canvases

Ben Daking


Australia Frost Fans


Frost fans for protection of wine grapes

How frost fans work to protect wine grapes from frost damage and cold injury. An update will be provided on current frost fan technology and automation. An overview of the FrostBoss Return on Investment (ROI) tool will also be provided, which allows growers to input their own data to calculate returns.

Wednesday, 24th July 2019

Paul Ahn




Removing alcohol from wines

Removing alcohol from wines may be performed via different methods but the use of spinning cones is still the preferred technique in the wine industry. The use of centrifugal force thin-film, low residence times and low temperatures in the Flavourtech Spinning Cone Column (SCC) all contribute to the alcohol being efficiently removed while still maintaining the quality of the delacoholised wine. An important part of this process is in the capturing of the delicate, natural wine aroma (produced from the grapes and further developed by the fermentation process) through the SCC upfront, with this makes the SCC the preferred choice.

Erwin Ona

Senior Applications Engineer



3M Liquicel – Gentle & precise control of CO2 and O2 in wine

3M Liqui-cel gas contactors are used in a wide variety of industries to precisely control the dissolved gas levels in a fluid. In the wine industry this means better control of dissolved CO2 and O2 in wine as well as the potential for significant savings in processing time and in the use of CO2 and N2 in the winery. In order to evaluate the potential for the gas contactors in the local market 3M has built a trial skid and run a series of trials at a number of Australian wineries. This talk will cover the various applications covered and the results in comparison to the industry practices.

Don Thorp

Michael dePalma

Territory Sales Managers



Customer collaboration brings operational accuracy and efficiency

Presenters Michael De Palma and Don Thorp discuss how putting the customer at the centre of all design decisions led TracMap to develop a highly relevant solution equipped to mitigate the issues and challenges faced on the vineyard. Comprised of an in-cab GPS display unit and a cloud-based job management system called TracMap Online, easily monitor the movement of staff and machinery across vineyard sites, record and analyze fertilizer application and harvesting activity. The rich data collected helps determine where operational improvements can be made, while managing multiple jobs at once, increasing the ability to quickly increase the scale of your operation.